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Take a look at a fur farm


Breeding minks has been a topic of debate in the Netherlands for years now. To get around a potential ban on the fur-industry, Dutch breeders own farms through the whole of Europe. From investigation it got clear that the Dutch own 44 farms in 13 different countries. Animal welfare organizations from Poland, Lituania, Letvia and the Netherlands have published images of animal abuse on these farms.

From an international investigation of Tusti Narvai (Litouwen), Otwarte Klatki (Poland) and Ongehoord (Netherlands) it became clear that minks live in very poor conditions on furfarms. The animal protectionists visited farms of Dutch breeders in different countries. They recorded the living conditions of the minks, being similar in all the countries: many animals have wounds, dead minks lie in the cages, from boredom or frustration some repeat the same movement constantly (stereotyped behaviour). That the Dutch try to ban the breeding of mink, is clearly justified.


Help the animals

In the Netherlands, 5.6 million minks live on fur farms. When they are born, they have a miserable life ahead. After only 8 weeks they are taken away from their mother, ‘causing them to lack a normal development. They can’t exhibit natural behavior in their cages, which causes behavioral problems as well. The young mink starting biting themselves and others, often making large, open wounds. The footage on this site shows that the wounds are not been taken care of by the minkbreeder. Besides the wounds,  you can see that the animals continue to repeat the same behavior, stereotypic behavior. This is caused by boredom and frustration, the absence of natural conditions drives them literally crazy.

You can help these animals by not buying their fur. Many shops in the Netherlands sell jackets with real fur collars. You recognize real fur on the smooth, light hairs and the leather from which the hairs have grown. Do not rely on the salesman, but check it yourself.

To get attention for the minks in the fur industry, Ongehoord had a poster printed. Hang it at your job, your school, football canteen, library. Click on the button below if you want to spread the poster.

Help Ongehoord with their publications. Ongehoord consists exclusively of volunteers, we do not have expensive offices or paid staff, your contribution will be used exclusively to reveal hidden animal abuse.

Help the Animals